Hello Friends of CW!

LKMT is designed to train and verify your capabilities in keying and puting chars. For that reason, it provides a direct compare of required signal and your input on an "Oscillograph-Screen".
To key in morse code, you might use morse key via com to usb converter, mouse or line in of sound card. A microphone might do as well.

This won't work without some options for listening, so listen training is included as well and it shows some nice features other tools do not provide. However, to initially learn morse code, there are probably more convenient tools at the market - working directly in browser like LCWO, light wight executables as F6DQM's CW-Morse Code Teacherr and the lots of smart phone based apps allowing you any training wherever you are.

Instructions - easy: Here we go to -

LKMT: CW - Morse Code Reading Trainer

Let us first see what advantages LKMT shows as a Reading trainer:

Downloads and Prerequisites

Download it here:

It requires JAVA, ideally in version 8 (It has been tested systematically with 7 and occasionally with 6).
You start it best per double click (If your environment provides this option) or by using the java-command at command line like
         java -jar Lkmt.jar

With little requirements to the system, but without sound input interface:

U need Java to run it ? It is provided by Oracle for free, available to a lot of different Operating Systems.
Just select the java version fitting into your OS:
Download JAVA here:
                 Download Java from Oracle

Before finishing, I would like to thank Ludwig, DK5KE, and Michael, DF2OK, for the helpful ideas.  

73 and Cheers,

Some Additional Notes

LKMT has been tested It is supposed to run at: It is supported by:
JSSC       (java-simple-serial-connector by Sokolov Alexey)
JChart2D (Minimalistic realtime charting library by Achim Westermann)

You look for a differnt lightweight training software? Check here "Precision CW" by DJ7HS.